Mozhdeh Zandieh Grayson born in Tehran lives and works in Dubai. After completing Art and Architecture school she continued her education, received her Bachelor in Graphic Art at the Soureh Art University of Tehran and worked as a designer and art director in Tehran and soon after in Dubai. In 2014 she elected to exhibit her photographic-art in Biennale in Paris and that exhibition led her to her longterm longing of pursuing her career in visual art. In 2017 she undertaking her Master in Fine Arts at the OCA, University for the Creative Arts in the UK concentrating on her profession as an artist practitioner and art educator since then.


Mozhdeh born in the post-revolution era of Iran and grew up in the Iran-Iraq war. Her childhood sprouts under the shadow of conflict and her life shapes in the aftermath and chaos of the war. She left her homeland and live outside her native country for over a decade where she wedded to another culture, different language, a new living. In this new being, she was a newcomer who needed to identify unknowns and pin herself on this new map of the existence. All these experiences, diversity and paradoxes, deeply influenced and shaped her perception that grew into her form of art. She works in a diverse range of media, including painting, photography, installation, sculpture, works on paper, motion art, etc, often addressing the theme of contradictions and conversion within a poetic rhythm, challenging the movement of surrealism and minimalism, her study of phenomenology form in the corporeality of mind in acts of making art. 


Mozhdeh's work shown and featured internationally, among them since 2014, Next Step Biennale, Paris, 2014; Window, Art Plus Gallery, Dubai, 2014; EVA, Art Plus Gallery, Dubai, 2015; Solo Exhibition, World Art Dubai, Dubai, 2017; Quoz Art Fest, Total Art Gallery, Dubai, 2019; Installation by Mozhdeh Zandieh Grayson, DIFC Art Nights, Dubai, 2019; Digital Installation, Emerging Artist Award, Dubai, 2019. She also has been the recipient of Design Art Prize, 2001, Iran, member of artist's committee, International Award of Contemporary Art "ARTPROTAGONIST", Italy, 2015; finalist artist for CFA Artist Of The Year Award, France, 2018 and Art Expo New York Contest, France, 2019.

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