Making a Seeing

Photography for me is a process of making a photo and experience of that making. I capture a photo as I perceive and imagine, not as its represented. "Making a Seeing" environment photography is the result of experiencing and observing spaces while I was passing through them in my everyday life or simply they are an exploration of my travels to new spaces. Natures, cities, surroundings, the photographic process begin by seeing and imagining, everything overlap and fracture, flip and repeat in the imagining and editing process, and as a result form into a kind of surreal-minimal images as I saw in my mind from the beginning when I took the photo. My photographic has no intention to mirroring a subject to a photo. In my photos, everything is about seeing different. They are a representation of my imagination by capturing a photo of a landscape, a building, a tree, a row of clouds, or just capturing a photo of a delicate petal's veins.

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