Fine Art graduate exhibition "No-Show" includes both emerging and established contemporary artists who have completed their Master’s of Fine Art. This online exhibition is a celebration of the interdisciplinary work of ten artists, residing in nine different countries.






I'm not against the performance of words,

But I can feel the muted voices beyond them

as if they touch my skin and get in

—that is hearing.

Language is a privilege for communication. Today, we are surrounded by words used to call, email, tweet, share. Yet, there is the potential for us to feel hurt and vulnerable when we are not being heard —as the conception of words are lost in literal and virtual realities — untouched and unheard. One of the biggest problems from this century, which we all confront, is the prevalence of noises over voices. The world needs silence. Not on the contrary to words, but to stretch the time to be able to touch, to perceive "to hear". Words born from silence can seek their conclusion in silence, to make that silence a way into the world of communication through contemplation. My works dwell in those moments of reflection, emphasising the significance of the unheard in a metaphor of language poetry somewhere beneath the skin of words and beneath the skin of mine, yours, us, for contemplation.

The Works 

No 2.  Hear


Title:  Lonely in places that didn't even know would exist.

Sculpture / Installation

MEDIUM: plaster, canvas, ink, acrylic and  printmaking      YEAR: 2020   

  FULL DIMENSIONS (H x L x W):  1200 x 1200 x 150 mm (52 pieces)


Title:  Hear​


MEDIUM: resin, plaster and typography printmaking     YEAR: 2020  

DIMENSIONS (H x L x W):  180 x 100 x 70 mm


Title: Loudest muted unheard voices

Painting / Installation

MEDIUM: Ink, pencil on paper and acrylic   YEAR: 2020  

DIMENSIONS (H x L  x W):  per piece 300 x 300 x 40 mm 


Title:  When my eyes are on you, do you touch my eyes?


MEDIUM: Printmaking on acrylic and ready object     YEAR: 2020  

DIMENSIONS (H x L  x W):  150 x 150 x 150 mm 

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