Mozhdeh Zandieh-Grayson

Born in Tehran, Iran 

Live in Dubai

Completes three years postgraduate master degree in Fine Arts- MA at OCA-University for Creative Arts, UK, 2020 - MFA

Graduates as a Graphic Designer from Soureh Art University of Tehran, Iran in 2001- BA

Complete four years of Art and Architecture at the School of Art, Tehran, Iran, 1997

Finalist artist for ART EXPO NewYork Contest —France 2019

Exhibited at Total Art Gallery, Quoz Arts Fest — Dubai, UAE 2019

Installation at DIFC Art Nights — Dubai, UAE  2019

Selected artist for digital installation at DIFC by Emerging Artist Award— Dubai, UAE 2018

Finalist artist for CFA Artist of the Year Award  —France 2018

Artist of the Week by Emerging Scene —Dubai 2018 

Exhibited solo at Dubai Art Fair, World Art Dubai— Dubai, UAE 2015

Invited to be a member of artists' Committee at International Award of Contemporary Art "ARTPROTAGONIST" —Italy 2015
Exhibited at ​Art Plus Gallery —Dubai, UAE  2015

Invited to exhibit at Next Step Biennale —Paris, France  2014

Exhibited at Art Plus Gallery, Window I — Dubai, UAE  2014

Designed for Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, annual book festival —Tehran, Iran 2002 

Awarded the winning design for Unis Art and  Design Contest —Tehran, Iran 2001

Creative Manager at Cooper Searle, London, UK, 2017 -2020

Fine Arts Educator at Soul Art, Dubai, UAE, 2016 - 2017

Creative designer for Yahlive advertising Campaign, Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2013 -2014

Art Director and Studio Manager at Provision Media, Dubai, UAE in 2011- 2013

Graphic Designer and Brand Coordinator at AVA, Dubai, UAE 2007 - 2009

Co-Founder and Designer at Line and Design House, Tehran, Iran 2002 - 2006

Art Teacher for elementary school, Tehran, Iran, 2001- 2002


Mozhdeh Zandieh Grayson born in the post-revolution era of Iran and grew up in the Iran-Iraq war. Her childhood sprouts in the war shadow and her life shapes in the aftermath and chaos of the conflict. She moved and lives outside her native land for over a decade, where she wedded and interweaved to a multi perception of being. That cognitive novel of life, the phenomenon of the world of multilingualism, truism, and characteristic of cultural diversity, profoundly influenced her works of art. She began to explore a variety of different subject matter via different theoretical frameworks. Her multidisciplinary works are a part of her exploration and passion for unconventional thinking and interpretation often in overlap edges of conventional mediums— forms in mixed-media photography, sculpture, installation, video art, diagrams, drawing and painting.

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